Managed Services

A managed service solution helps to eliminate the chance of downtime due to preventable system failures. It is more of a proactive approach to IT, instead of a reactive approach once something already fails.

We can provide software tools that provide 24/7 monitoring and maintenance of your equipment, by real, local people. Some of the benefits include detailed reports, patch management, trouble ticketing, off site backup, remote access and support, virus/spyware prevention, stolen equipment recovery, 24/7 monitoring of equipment that can notify you that equipment is about to fail before it does , and so much more.

The reports can give detailed inventory of every computer on the network. It can show the big things like CPU, RAM, hard drive and even down to the number of open PCI slots. This is handy in the event of an insurance claim, loan application, software update, or any time an incredibly detailed fixed asset report is needed. It can also be used to notify if any equipment is missing. (It has been used to show when a computer was turned off and an employee stole a piece of RAM.)

Other reports can show at a glance the network health measured by disk score, operating system, patches, event logs, alarms and more.

Besides the reports patch management is often one of the biggest reasons to go with a managed service option. Patch management scans and updates with the necessary and safe updates. It ensures that the latest security patches are installed as well as monitors potentially unsafe patches. There have been several Microsoft updates that have caused compatibility problems, and by having a real person monitoring helps prevent those problems.

Managed services are billed monthly per device monitored. The price per device is determined by the number of other devices and services contracted. For networks with less than 25 monitored devices it costs $10.00 per month per workstation and $50.00 per month per server.

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